Monday, June 13, 2011

Blogging Comeback

Wow, I can't believe that the last time I blogged my random thoughts was way back in April. Ah, yes, I remember April well; it was still snowing! Welcome June, thankfully it is not snowing, however I must admit I am a little tired of the rain and my accompanying puffy hair! Not much helping my hair at this point, two months of mostly rain makes Late Night Writer very cranky!

I have been somewhat busy creating a facebook profile page for my writing service. If you are on facebook, look me up at Proword Wizard Writing Services. I have also been practising my twittering skills, you can catch me on Twitter @latenitewriter. Yup, I realize that 'night' is spelled two different ways in my blog and my twitter name but someone else was using it already.

On the bookshelf, I just completed reading The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton. I started it in the winter; yes, it took awhile but it had lots of pages and the print was small! I really enjoyed this book although I have to admit, I was glad once I had finally finished it. I always grow impatient when a book is taking a long time to read because I am eager to start a new book.

This week, I moved on to something a little easier and just finished reading Ten Degrees of Reackoning by Hester Rumberg. The book was based on the true story of Judith Sleavin and her tragic story of losing her family at sea whilst she floated alone in a rubber dingy. The family were avid sailors and were enroute to sail around the world. After reading her story of survival, I can honestly say that any ingling I might have had to sail around the world has been permanently silenced. A very sad and tragic story but her story of courage and survival story needed to be told.

I have a few more books nestled on my bookshelf awaiting my arrival before I will make my next journey to Chapters. What have you been reading lately..feel free to comment!

Until next time...