Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Snowcabulary for the Winter Weary

I was pretty peeved to wake up to discover that Mother Nature was using the snow making machine in Ontario again. My poor tulips were just beginning to peek their heads out of the soil; hide my little lovelies or you will freeze! Even the promise of seven sunny days starting tomorrow couldn't shake my feelings of Snowbegone!

This year's never ending snowstorms has brought forth a succession of 'snow' terms to use that are sure to put a smile on your snowman's face despite this latest blast. Here's a compilation  of snow wordplay for your reading pleasure. The list is derived from a number of sources which don't pay tribute to the originator of each term. Enjoy!

Snowverkill - That pretty much says it all about today's weather. Enough is enough already!
Snowonder - When you look out the window, peer up at the sky and ask yourself, "is it ever going to stop snowing?"
Snowtorious B.I.G. - For fans of 90s Hip Hop or the height of the snowbanks about a month ago.
Snowmad - Two possible definitions here, Snowmad happens you have already shovelled your driveway for the umpteenth time and you have to do it again, or travellers who get stuck due to the bad weather and wander the airports, hotels, train and bus stations until the snow stops.
Snowbegone - Pretty self explanatory. 'Nuff said.

Snowhere - When you have to cancel your plans due to the snow;  you are going snowhere.
Snowmageddon - I would reserve this one for snowstorms that paralysis the city and the mayor calls in the National Guard. Hmmm...what year was that?

Snowpocalyse - Feels like the snow will never end and the end is near!

SnOMG - The feeling you have when you first wake up, look out the window and realize it snowed overnight and the 401 is going to be parking lot again.

Snover-reaction - When the Toronto School Board closes the schools and the snowstorm passes over Toronto.

Snowlicious - For all those winter sports fans.

Snorm - Popular short form for snowstorm. We've said it so many times this year, a short form is absolutely warranted and necessary

Snowralysis - The 400 series highways during a snowstorm.

Snownado - A wind whipping, hair-raising snowstorm.

To add to this list, I've created my own word:

Snow-titis: The pain felt in your hands and back after shovelling your driveway more than once in a single day. Oye!

Until next time...keep shovelling!

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  1. Snapril- When it is still snowing in April!