Monday, April 18, 2011

Twitter Here I Come!

Over the last few months, I have come to realize that if I want to stay in the game in the writing world, I need to develop some social skills - social media skills that is! Hence, my reasons for creating this blog that you are reading.

My new social venture is getting acquainted with Twitter. Like this blog, I am not quite certain what I will 'tweet' (boy, I hate that word!) but I am hopeful that it will come together at some point and I will discover a reason for all this blogging and tweeting. I have come a long way since last year when I could not remember the name of the website and kept referring to it as Tweeter instead of Twitter. Now, I have it all figured out, you create a twitter account and post daily tweets for your followers to read. Not sure why anyone would care what I am doing at any given moment; my life is not that interesting - quite boring actually!

So bear with me, as I muddle through the schematics of twitter, learn about hash tags, figure out how to post a tweet via my cell phone, learn how to entice people to follow me and discover that at some point, I will be rewarded for mastering Blogspot and Twitter.

In the meantime, follow my tweets at You can find me at: @latenitewriter.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Caught Napping!

With the Canadian election campaigns in full swing, I had a chance to catch some of the debate on TV the other night. Is it just me or does Mr. Ignatieff resemble a cross between the Grinch and the penguin from Batman? Not sure what it is, perhaps the over extension of the corners of his mouth but whatever the reason, I am very afraid!

I watched a clip on the news last night from Barak Obama's budget speech. When the camera person panned the audience, there were three indidivuals very obviously nodding off including U.S. Vice President Joe Biden! Now, if Mr. Biden were one of us common folk, he would definitely get a tongue lashing for sleeping on the job. Why is it ok for the vice president of the US to sleep on the job yet Torontonians were so outraged when the lonely ticket guy at the TTC was caught napping on the job? Just doesn't make much sense to me. Let's be realistic, we are only human and we get damn tired...and sometimes it happens at the most inappropriate times!

I am pretty sure that VP Biden has received alot of teasing today! For all those nappers out definitely don't want to get caught napping on the job unless of course, you are the Vice President of the United States.