Friday, January 21, 2011

E-Reader Frenzy

I was in my local office supply store yesterday, and they had a display set up for a brand name e-reader. I started playing around with it somewhat intrigued with the new technology. A friend of mine received one for Christmas and she absolutely loves it. She has trouble seeing the print in books and loved the ability to enlarge the font on her new e-reader. She has read more books in the last month than she had read in over a year. The capability to alter the font size is a bonus for those of us who are suffering from middle aged farsightness.

As I tried out the different features of the e-reader, I asked myself if this is something I would use to read my favorite authors and newspapers, or would I just be purchasing it because it is a new gadget? I like the convenience of just carrying around a small, light weight computer tablet as opposed to a  heavy book especially if I am travelling and don't want the extra weight of a couple of books. Often, when I am travelling, if I am reading a thick book, I will leave it at home and opt for another smaller book to read whilst I am enjoying my vacation time. Large hardcover books complete with 600 pages or more just don't make good travelling companions.

As a writer, I like to see my work in print but I am not sure if I will get the same thrill out of it if my work is on a screen. However, I am not totally dismissing the functionality of an e-reader because I truly believe that economically and ecologically, the e-reader has its place in the literary arena.

With the cost of paper at an all time high, the e-reader will save many trees from being sacrificed to make books and newspapers. As a writer, I would definitely be saddened to witness the demise of the hardcover/paperback book but if technology rules, that scenario may be nearer than we think.

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  1. Good info and topic Chris. I haven't used one but I talk to people on the bus and they love their readers. I like the Audio books myself, but I like to read reference books esp. for work material and I think the ereaders have a good search capability, not sure though. Keep up the posts :)