Monday, January 24, 2011

Test Your Proofreading Skills

No matter whether you write for pleasure or your job requires some sort of written material, proofreading is a big part of the process. Truthfully, I am a horrible proofreader when it comes to my own stuff, however if it is someone else's work - I can spot an error or typo from a mile away.

I haven't quite figured out why I cannot proofread my work to 100% accuracy; perhaps it is because I spent so much time creating the piece that I am not actually reading my work but have memorized it in its entirety. Unfortunately, I have been known to send off emails to my friends complete with typo and all because often I type my emails on the fly and don't give them a full proofread.

It really bugs me when I find a typo in the newspaper or on TV. One of the local TV stations has taken to showing the time as 10.00 instead of 10:00 - is this a new time format that I don't know about? Now I am confused! Is it 10 dollars or 10 o'clock!

If you are like me and want to improve your proofreading skills, try the proofreading link below and see how good you are. I did ok but missed a few. Post your score under the comments section of this blog if you dare.

The Proofreading Girl Proofreading Test

Until next time....keep on writing!

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