Saturday, January 22, 2011

Expanding Your Writing Horizons

As a writer, it is easy to get stuck in a vacuum; playing it safe by writing what you know and are comfortable with. This psychology may work in the beginning but as your writing journey continues year after year, the market changes and you may need to develop writing skills in other areas to sustain your freelance writing activity.

A fiction writer may be horrified at the thought of writing non-fiction likewise a non-fiction writer may be lacking in skills to create a short story. However, it is necessary as a writer to try all different types of writing in order to keep the creative juices from becoming stagnant and to increase your money making abilities.

I am a non-fiction article writer for print and online markets and have written on numerous subjects but always return to my 'comfort' zone which is careers and health and wellness. As the recession lingers on, I have come to realize that I am trying hard to sell my ideas by pumping out more queries than before but unfortunately, I am selling less of my articles and at a lower rate.

An opportunity may present itself in the near future which involves some copywriting for a large organization. With my copywriting experience seriously lacking, I find myself scouring the net looking for self directed tutorials to help me along this new path. At some point I may find myself seeking more in-depth copywriting instruction and will consider taking an online copywriting course complete with an instructor to guide me and mark my progression. In the meantime, I am working through the site below which offers a self directed tutorial of sorts. I hope you will find the link helpful if you are looking to improve your business writing skills.

Quantum Copywriting

What is your writing genre? Feel free to comment!

Until next time...ciao

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  1. This is good stuff Chris . Thanks for sharing.

    What about a course on effective communication in the electronic age. You know with companies using instant messaging and reliance on email for everything. Like to hear your thoughts on this.