Thursday, January 27, 2011

Aspire to Write?

Many individuals dream of writing whether it be a simple poem, the next great novel to be awarded a prestigious book award or to be featured on Oprah Winfrey's Book List. However, a common complaint amongst those who aspire to write is that they cannot find anything to write about.

Most experienced writers have learned that one must use various sources of inspiration to help them create their works of art. You may argue that you cannot find anything that will spark the creative spirit in your soul but think again. Inspiration can be derived from the simplest of pleasures:

Ø      A early morning walk around your neighborhood
Ø      A unexpected sunset or vibrant sunrise
Ø      A look from a stranger
Ø      A touch from your significant other
Ø      Rage over an injustice
Ø      The sound of a pounding rain
Ø      The quiet of the hour
Ø      The chatter of a toddler
Ø      The giggle of a group of school girls
Ø      The clickety clack of your keyboard
Ø      A longing, a love, a hope.
The possibilities for inspiration are abundant and readily available if you seek beyond the mundane of everyday life. The key to finding inspiration is to break down an event, experience or emotion and focus on that single aspect. If it is a great fiction story you are after, dig deep in your past, examine the present or look into the future. For poetry, let your emotions run high and embrace your tears, laughter, fears, happiness, grief and sorrows. Write it when the moods strikes - do not sit on it or the inspiration will fade.

The great writers, both past and present, knew this and wrote when the inspiration struck them regardless of the place or time. Follow in their footsteps; this is the stuff great literary works are made of.

Until next time..keep writing


  1. I believe poetry has been defined as the best words in the best order. I agree.

  2. All it takes is some inspiration and a sprinkle of imagination and a poem is born....thanks for dropping by Jacqueline.